WV Metal Wholesalers, Inc.

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WV Metal Wholesalers strives to great lengths to provide the industry with the highest quality products and an unparalleled level of service. It has always been our goal to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our ENERGY STAR™ certified panels lower roof temperature, save money and energy, and reduce the production of air pollutants by producing energy to heat. Metal panels reflect the energy from the sun and the pigment reemits the heat! With WV Metal, you get UL standard 2218 tested, class A, B, & C fire resistant metal with superior protection, energy savings, and a complimentary design with a variety of colors. Our panels can be installed over existing roof and our material doesn’t buckle, flatten, or fade with acid rain. They are resistant to cracking, shrinking, and eroding. You can even FEEL the difference in thickness.

WV Metal provides panels that are galvalume, modular press formed, pre-painted in flat sheet form in giant coils, and are durable yet flexible enough to be later stamped into the final roof shaped panels. They can withstand extreme weather conditions including heavy snow loads, hail storms, and wildfires. WV Metal does not install their products, but local dealers should have a list of contractors

Painted with award-winning Ceram-A-Star AkzoNobel paint. Silicone-protected polyester coil coating system specifically and exclusively for the metal construction with superior color stability. It’s the best and strongest SMP available. It will not crack, chalk, or peel in 40 years. If a claim is happened to be filed, you would have the option to repaint, replace, or be refunded for purchased price. We follow a two-coat system with high-performance primer. Using 50-10,000 gallons, they may use 50-12,000 gallons. AkzoNobel’s™ Decorative Paints products are used by millions of U.S. consumers each year throughout the country. Ceramic and ignorance pigments (non-organic) (you can feel the difference) and weather ability. Energy Star AkzoNobel™ 1050 siliconized polyester paint system, combined with a thick galvalume panel, makes this the ideal product for any commercial, residential, or agricultural project. Superior to moisture, UV rays, flexibility, and abrasions.

Choosing WV Metal could also lower your insurance (eligible states only) and depending on your geographical location, you could even save up to 40% of your annual energy costs!