West Virginia American Water

Primary Role

To control treatment plant machines, pumps, and equipment to purify and clarify water for human consumption and for industrial use.

Key Accountabilities

  • Operates and controls electric motors, pumps, and valves to regulate flow and pressure of water pumped into Treatment Plant and the distribution system.
  • Dumps or control feeds specified amounts of chemicals, such as chlorine, ammonia, and lime into water or adjusts automatic devices that admit specified amounts of chemicals into tanks to disinfect, deodorize, and clarify water.
  • Starts agitators to mix chemicals and allows impurities to settle to bottom of tank. Monitors panelboard and adjusts controls to regulate flow rates, loss of head pressure, and water elevation and distribution of water.
  • Cleans tanks and filter beds, using backwashing (reverse flow of water).
  • Repairs and lubricates machines and equipment, using handtools and power tools. May perform periodic inspections and observe mechanical, electrical, I instrumentation devices in operation and check for abnormal conditions.
  • Tests water samples to determine acidity, color, and impurities, using colorimeter, turbidimeter, and conductivity meter. Dumps or control feeds chemicals such as alum into tanks to coagulate impurities and reduce acidity.
  • Records data, such as residual content of chemicals, water turbidity, and water pressure. May perform calibration and standardization of process monitoring of equipment. May operate portable waterpurification plant to supply drinking water. May purify waste water from plant preparatory to pumping water into rivers and streams, city mains, or holding reservoirs. May utilize telemetry system to monitor water tank levels and water pressure and adjust booster pumps to maximize system effectiveness in delivery of treated water to the system.

Position is rotating shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Company Name
West Virginia American Water

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
 Charleston, WV 25302


Functional / Technical Skills

Learning on the Fly

Organizational Agility

Problem Solving

Time Management

Experience / Education

Experience: 5+ years in Utility or Utility related field.

Education/Licenses & Certifications

High school diploma or general education degree (GED).

WV Water Treatment Class II or higher license is acceptable.

How to Apply

Apply online