Collins Aerospace

• Participates in conducting demonstrations or explaining methods to help employees understand the products, platforms, and production processes.

• Records demonstration and training-related data to assist in the improvement of future demonstrations and track efficacy of methods.
• Participates in the preparation of training materials and demonstrations, and supports tailoring of education / training programs to customize it to the employee and organization needs.
• Organizes the set up and arrangement of displays or demonstration areas.
• Transports, assembles, and disassembles materials used in presentations to ensure the smooth conduct of presentations.
• Responsible for the planning, design and delivery of multi-level product training programs for employees.
• Prepares training materials and designs product demonstrations, and then delivers training and demonstrations on site.
• Evaluates training delivery and provides feedback.
• May work directly with supervisors and employees to develop the necessary education / training programs.


Company Name
Collins Aerospace
Union, WV

Preferred Qualifications:

- Experience in a manufacturing environment

Basic Qualifications:
This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in the appropriate discipline and 3 years of relevant experience.In the absence of a degree, 7 years of relevant experience is required.

How to Apply

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