HG Medical

Job purpose

The purpose is to manufacture orthopedic fixation appliances.
Duties and responsibilities

Operating the Milling Machine:

Must be able to:

Produce good parts
Understand the axes of the machine
Set up machine for new part run
Operate Heat Shrinker
Load Programs
Modify program if needed (simple modifications only)
Work on the Mill
Fill out Inspection Protocol Sheets
Operate Squeeze Machine
Set tooling
De-burr plates
Tumble and glass bead blast parts
Operate Vision Control System
Quality Control:

Know what dimensions are critical on a drawing
Pay particular attention to what surfaces are acceptable and which are not
Be able to fill out proper paperwork

Perform what tasks that are needed to keep the shop clean
Perform any other task that is needed by Production Manager

Company Name
HG Medical
Huntington, WV


High School education or equivalent

Experience operating a cnc machine is a plus but not a requirement
Capable of reading machine drawings and blueprints
Experience using measurement tools such as gauges and digital calipers
Have the mechanical aptitude to perform needed tasks
Must have attention to detail

How to Apply

Apply Online