Argos USA

The Methods Coordinator will promote the maintenance management system, ensuring the appropriate application of maintenance procedures, methods, and best practices. This position also assists the department by managing the performance metrics, conducting analyses and recommending follow-up actions in order to optimize resources, increase asset life, and reduce overall costs.

Individual Accountabilities:

  • Ensure safe work rules and practices are understood, implemented, and consistently followed by employees and contractors
  • Provide daily added value execution ‘job plans’ to boost the effectiveness of execution crews.
  • Optimize maintenance operations according to the availability of equipment and workforce
  • Maintain and update the preventive maintenance program and its master plan, ensuring quality and relevance as well as structured implementation of the program
  • Collect and handle all the work requests, ensuring information accuracy and validating work requirements. Manage maintenance backlog
  • Identify and communicate required quality specifications for spares, rebuilds, and contracted work
  • Ensure that the maintenance practices, documented on Job Plans, comply with these quality assurance standards
  • Perform monthly analysis of maintenance key performance indicators
  • Research and implement maintenance best practices from within as well as outside of the Argos
  • Analyze and propose solutions to recurring problems of equipment reliability or problems concerning safety and work condition
  • Develop, maintain and ensure the effective utilization of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (SAP)
  • Manage the methods team, defines the mission and objectives, carry out their performance reviews, intervene on issues that may impede progress
  • Ensure the development of the personal skills; develop and implement a training plan for the team members
  • Performance Indicators.
  • Monitors actual costs versus budgeted costs
  • Planning compliance and effectiveness
  • Job plans quality and content
  • Inspection, Execution, and Lubrication systematic compliance
  • Reliability Factor improvements
  • Reduction in the number of stoppages for incident (NSFI)
  • Increase in Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Develops processes to eliminate rework
  • Focus on reducing the number of repetitive stoppages.

Company Name
Argos USA
Martinsburg, WV



Technical Knowledge and Certifications

Training: Mechanical Engineering, Cement Manufacturing

Technical knowledge and certifications: SAP, CAD

Experience (years)

6-10 years

Area of experience

Cement Industry Manufacturing

How to Apply

Apply online