Silgan Plastics


The Manufacturing Manager will ensure the various functions of the operations group interact cohesively to meet the overall goals of the corporation. This individual will also provide clear direction and leadership to the production supervisors through goal setting and timely feedback. Must maintain a clear focus on the tactical & strategic plans of the facility and ensure that they are closely aligned with corporate goals and objectives. The facility will consist primarily of three types of blow molding technologies; Shuttle (8 to 10 machines), 2 step PET – (3 to 5 machines).


Must share common goals based on the financial expectations for the plant
o Quality, Production, Maintenance, etc. – safety, customer & internal quality, scrap, downtime, etc.

Optimize production staffing plan to maximize effective cost structure
Drive overall improvements based on data from our OEE and Tableau systems while speaking to gaps in performance based on the daily OEE reports.
Develop housekeeping program and standards that ensures production area is in optimal state at all times.
Work with various team inside and outside the plant, to develop solutions that quickly resolve deviations from standards
Responsible for daily, weekly, monthly production performance and correcting negative trends quickly and permanently
Ensuring production related spending remains within the designated budget, while monitoring and prioritizing activities to ensure maximum benefit and value.
Establish manufacturing methods that ensure quality and repeatability of process.
Develop an effective and flexible change over program that minimizes downtime, from last good part to next good part.
Leadership, development, and management of the production personnel to ensure the department operates safely, efficiently, and effectively.
Manufacturing personnel may include; supervisors, operators/technicians, packers, material handlers, etc. Staff will be ramped up based on equipment installs in to the facility, total planned staff including above mentioned members but excluding the manager is estimated between 90 and 110 members, with all equipment installed.
Network with production members in other Silgan locations to share best practices and optimize production processes
Daily, weekly, and monthly report outs on production performance, with analysis and countermeasures for not meeting targets.
Assist in capital projects and project timelines from inception through to completion.
Ensure the production environment and team members are always operating safely.
Develops opportunities to reduce costs or improve performance through effective capital planning and/or work flow redesign.
Timely and effective communication with Plant Manager and plant team on key production issue that impact, safety, quality, cost, or lead times.
Ensure data enter in to performance tracking systems are accurate and unbiased, to ensure we truly understand performance of the facility.
Member of plant Safety Committee with a strong commitment to safety.
Provides support as needed for a 24 hour 7 day a week blow molding operation.
Ensure plant operates within compliance guidelines for government environmental standards including local, state, and federal requirements.

Company Name
Silgan Plastics
Triadelphia, WV


Required: High School Diploma

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in a Technical discipline.



Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a medium to large manufacturing facility with experience in a manufacturing management role


5 - 10 years’ experience as a Production Manager in a Shuttle blow or 2 Step PET molding facility.



Very knowledgeable and experienced with quick change over methods
Excellent problem solving and general trouble shooting skills.
Proven leader with experience supervising a in a high speed production environment.
An absolute commitment to safety.
Excellent computer skills with Microsoft Office
Effective oral and written communication.
Excellent interpersonal and coaching skills.
Excellent organizational skills.

Experience with Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
Experience with Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Working with a Total Preventative Maintenance System.
Processing background in a blow molding facility.
Troubleshooting experience with SIPA, Bekum, or Sabmann platforms or 2 Step PET or Shuttle platforms.

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