Hammers Industries

Immediate openings for Machinists. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who are problem solvers and are looking for a career where they can learn and grow with the company.

Company Name
Hammers Industries
5995 Co Rd 2/19, Huntington, WV 25702
(304) 522-1251

-Must be able to make parts from drawings.

-Must be proficient with CNC equipment CAD/CAM software.

-Must be able to setup jobs.

-Must be able to verify dimensions with Calipers, Mics, etc.

-Must be able/willing to learn.

-Must be able to perform maintenance/cleaning on machines.

-Must be able to solve problems.

-Ability to use manual equipment is desired.

-Must be flexible with job duties.

-Mechanical ability to disassemble, inspect, and re-assemble equipment being repaired.

Potential candidates must be able to pass a drug test before being hired and be able to pass random screenings thereafter. Potential candidates also must be willing to work flexible hours/overtime when needed and be able to travel on occasion.

Pay is based on experience and capabilities. Includes excellent insurance and retirement package.
How to Apply

​Apply online