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In your role, you will:

Plan and machine parts and shop aids to tolerances and dimensions in accordance with engineering and methods documents. Perform Tig and/or orbital welding on aircraft detail parts per engineering specifications. Sketch, weld, modify and/or assemble metal jigs, fixtures, hand tools and/or safety equipment in accordance with engineering specifications.

  • Perform various TIG welding and MIG processes to assemble and weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum parts and assist with inconel and titanium
  • Hand fit, hand form, and/or layout parts as required, clean detailed parts, and set-up welding equipment in preparation for welding
  • Assist with checking engineering specifications to determine weld locations, type of weld, reaming, sanding and grinding operations and part dimensions
  • Assist with performing surface finish of assemblies by grinding and/or sanding as required
  • Degrease parts and details for assemblies
  • Assist other employees in the performance of their duties within area(s) of qualification
  • Verify quantity and material type are correct and all prior inspection points have been stamped
  • Verify all engineering and ship documents have been obtained to perform the necessary work
  • Assist with planning machining procedures and set-up machine and part(s)
  • Set-up and/or verify cutting tools per machine requirements
  • Perform a variety of machining operations for example, boring, drilling, milling, tapping and threading on raw material to produce machined part(s) to tolerances and dimensions in accordance with engineering specifications
  • Monitor feeds, spindle speeds and tool wear during machining process and make adjustments to equipment, tools, and/or part(s) as required
  • Finish machined part(s) using various hand tools
  • Verify part is within specified tolerances and dimensions per engineering specifications and make further adjustments as required
  • Comply with all environmental health and safety policies and procedures included but not limited to Safety Manual Section 1225

Company Name
Bridgeport, WV


As our ideal candidate,

  • You have typically 2 years TIG and MIG welding experience or equivalent vocational training in welding with certificate
  • You have typically 2 years diversified machine shop experience and/or equivalent technical training or course work in machining or a related field
  • You have basic knowledge of reading and interpreting engineering documents
  • You have basic knowledge of calculating dimensional information or machining machined parts
  • You have basic knowledge to obtain certifications for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, inconel, titanium and orbital welding with 1 year from original date of hire into classification
  • You have skills to operate and interpret a variety of precision measurement instruments, for example micrometers, calipers and dial indicators
  • You have skills to use simple or compound sine tools
  • You have skills to set-up and operate various shop machines, for example, welders, power hand tools and grinders
How to Apply

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