Slitting only approved sheet material to a required width and/or specification
Check roll batch number identification for match with tickets or labeling
Visual inspection of material.
Maintaining the quality of the cut of material, machine blade set up and/or replacement.
Loading or handling of roll material and removal of completed material, including scrap.
Monitor machine specifications as directed
Ensure work area is clean at all times.
Ensure material items meets all requirements.
Cutting of cores to length.
Generating and completion of product labels.
Labor reporting.
Reporting of machine maintenance issues to supervisor.
Monitoring and reporting inventory levels of slitting supplies.
Promotes worker safety by:
Actively assesses activities on a constant basis to ensure no unsafe actions or results will occur.
Stressing safe working practices as a condition of employment to associates.
Assisting in audits of employee behaviors to ensure compliance with safety rules and guidelines, as well as housekeeping audits and surveys.
Participating actively on the plant-wide safety team.
Ensuring the housekeeping in the immediate and surrounding work area is maintained or improved to the highest level possible.
Ensures Quality products and processes are maintained by:
Understanding and supporting both quality policies and the Quality System.
Performing work at a level that ensures quality of this positions work meets or exceeds internal and external customer specifications.
Identifying and correcting if possible any identified quality issues both in the department and plant as a whole.
Participating in system or quality based training provided by the company or recommended by the company
Actively participates in the continuous improvement process (CIP) by:
Identifying and addressing any opportunities to reduce cost, improve product/process and/or improve overall operations
Participating in CIP teams to eliminate problems, streamline operations or other areas as defined by management
Participating in CIP training and exercises designed to expand the potential for continuous improvement.

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