Sealed Air Corporation


Operate a variety of bag converting equipment and perform minor operating adjustments to produce a quality product to stock or custom work order specifications.


  • Operate bag converting equipment and perform quality checking procedures required by ISO 9001:2008 standards to produce a quality product to stock or custom work order specifications
  • Perform minor machine adjustments including startup of machine to maintain product quality and uptime
  • Procure operating supplies and provide production data to maintain run time and account for labor distribution
  • Assist setup person during setup to decrease downtime
  • Maintain workstation housekeeping to provide a safe, clean work environment
  • Train new operators to increase departmental flexibility and expertise
  • Follow all prescribed or standard safety rules

Company Name
Sealed Air Corporation
Keyser, WV


  • Ability to lift a maximum of 60 pounds as needed
  • Ability to operate a LAN computer terminal
  • Completion of T.A.P. Assessment with 35% accuracy
  • Completion of Bennett Mechanical Assessment with 50% accuracy
  • Completion of Basic Math Assessment with 70% accuracy
  • High School graduate or equivalent
How to Apply

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