Century Contractors, Inc.

Basic Scope/Purpose

A Combination Pipe Welder will weld, fabricate and assist pipe fitters in installation of various types of industrial pipe into the projects piping systems.
Essential Functions/Duties
Selects equipment, plans layouts, assembly, and welding, applying knowledge of geometry, physical properties of metal machining, weld shrinkage and welding techniques.
• Layout, position, aligns, cut, assemble, and fit metal components together in various body positions and in various places and identify all equipment for job and process.
• Must be able to Legibly Document all weld information and create legible weld maps.
• Bolts, clamps, and tack-welds parts to secure in position for welding.
• Sets up equipment and welds parts, using arc, gas-shielded arc, submerged arc, or arc gas welding equipment.
• Identify all safety risks and requirements.
• Must be able to Stick and Tig weld on Pipe.
• Must have 4+ years of experience welding on industrial size and grade pipe. (Schedules: 40, 80, and 160) also able to weld in 2g, 4g, and 6g positions.
• Must be able to read blue prints, read and interrupt technical manuals and other engineering drawings in order to efficiently perform work.
• Must have thorough knowledge of various metals characteristic and qualities including the correct welding processes required and the effects of welding on the material.
• Must have experience welding multiple types of pipe including but not limited to carbon steel, stainless, and chrome.
• Must be able to assist pipe fitters in pipe installation, preparation, and fabrication while not actively welding.
• Must have reliable transportation.
• Must be able to work at heights as required.
• Must be able to meet all physical requirements.
• Must have all the tools upon start date.
Working Conditions/Physical Effort
Conditions include working in office, shop, busy traffic areas, warehouses, and undeveloped properties, with frequent exposure to dirt, dust, grease, oil, vibrations, and adverse weather conditions. Must be able to safely access all areas of property, buildings, structures, wharves, rooftops and other elevated positions, as well as, confined spaces. Must be able to effectively use all required PPE equipment and lift up to fifty pounds. Strenuous physical demands are required to safely perform the essential functions associated with this position. Must be able to safely operate all involved equipment and tools. Must be capable of standing for long periods of time, bending consistently, working in confined spaces with limited access, on ladders, in personnel lifts, in workboats, and working in awkward body positions.

Company Name
Century Contractors, Inc.
Inwood, WV
How to Apply

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