Kureha PGA LLC

Administerengineering drawings program by collaborating with Engineering, Operations,Reliability, and Technology staff and ensure there is an effective work processto manage engineering drawings.

· Developlayouts, drawings and designs using AutoCad and/or other software.

· Prepare,update/revise, maintain, and keep engineering drawings current for the Kurehafacility.

· Ensurecompliance with drafting and design standards.

· Preparevarious Engineering and Project documents, such as project constructionreports, project schedules, and other documents as assigned.

· Overseecontractors performing project construction, installation and servicingactivities.

· Coordinatemultiple projects’ construction activities at the same time.

· Coordinatematerials, construction quality assurance, and project completion of assignedprojects.

· Collaboratewith other departments to resolve all queries for construction and/or jobprogress and ensure contractors are complying with all Kureha and regulatorysafety procedures.

· Performregular quality control checks during project construction related activitiesand/or Reliability jobs to ensure each component of the project/job adheres tothe high standards of Kureha.

Company Name
Kureha PGA LLC
Belle, WV


· Required: Associates degree or higher in EngineeringTechnology (Mechanical, Electrical, or other applicable technologies),Drafting/Designing, Construction Technology, or other related technical fieldor 5 Years in manufacturing, construction or engineering industries withexperience in drafting/design and project planning/scheduling/ construction; experienceusing AutoCAD 2D design software

· Preferred: Experience in piping design and drawinglayout in AutoCad; experience in project planning, scheduling and constructioncoordination; experience with OSHA safety standards in General and Constructionindustries

Qualifications Required: Knowledgeable of standard draftingstandards, practices, and procedures; Proficient in 2D AutoCAD; Firm grasp ofengineering, math, and industry information; Skilled in PC usage and associatedsoftware including Microsoft Office; Able to multitask and handle multiplesimultaneous assignments; Able to work as self-directed individual with minimumsupervision; Skilled in written and verbal communications; Strong attention todetail, ability to manage data with a high degree of accuracy; Has excellentinterpersonal skills to allow productive collaborative relationships with alllevels of the organization; Skilled in project scheduling and projectconstruction coordination; Able to take field measurements and design and drawpiping layouts

Certificates,Licenses, Registrations Required:

NoneRequired, AutoCAD Certification Preferred

How to Apply

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