The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) McKean, Bradford, Pennsylvania, herein issues solicitation 15B20920Q00000005 for the requirements of: SUPPLY ONLY - CUSTOM CELL DOORS. Deliveries will be made to the FCI McKean Warehouse, 6975 Route 59, Lewis Run, PA 16738, 15 Miles South of Bradford, Pennsylvania. This solicitation is restricted, 100% Small Business set-aside utilizing the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code 332321 ? Metal Window and Door Manufacturing with a corresponding small business size standard of 750 employees. The contract type is firm-fixed price. The Government will award to the responsible offeror whose offer, confirming to the solicitation, are considered to be most advantageous to the Government, with past performance, technical, lead time, and price considered, with prices being rated higher. The solicitation will be made available on March 4, 2020, and will be posted to the General Services Administration Federal Business Opportunities website: beta.sam.gov. All future information about this acquisition, including solicitation amendments, will also be distributed through this site. Interested parties are responsible for monitoring this site to insure they have the most up-to-date information about this solicitation. The point of contact for all information regarding this solicitation is James Tryniak, Contract Specialist, at the address listed above and telephone number listed below. Please place any questions you may have in writing and email them to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). All questions received will be considered and responses provided where appropriate. Any contractor interested in obtaining a contract award with the Federal Bureau of Prisons must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) at http://www.sam.gov. If you have questions about the System for Award Management (SAM), Government procurements in general, or need assistance in the preparation of your quote, a local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) may be able to help. The Procurement Technical Assistance Program was authorized by Congress in 1985 in an effort to expand the number of businesses capable of participating in the Government marketplace. To locate a PTAC near you, go to http://www.aptac-us.org. Payment will be made using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Each offer is required per 52.212-3 to complete their representations and certifications via the On-line Representations and Certifications Applications (ORCA) at http://orca.bpn.gov. Faith-Based and Community Based Organizations (AUG) is included. Please quote only on those items specified, and ALL ITEMS MUST MEET REQUIRED SPECIFICATIONS AS PROVIDED. Do not change the item description or the unit of issue. ANY CHANGES TO THE SOLICITATION CAN RESULT IN THE GOVERNMENT REJECTING PART OR ALL OF THE QUOTE(S) SUBMITTED. "THIS SOLICITATION IS FOR ALL OR NONE". Completed offers must be emailed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or faxed to (814) 363-6815. Quotes received after the deadline of Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST will be handled in accordance with FAR Part 52.212-1 (f) and will not be considered. Mailed quotes will not be accepted. Quotemust include the Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number along with an estimated time of delivery. The anticipated award date is during the week of March 23, 2020.